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Rating on Amazon Germany
Rating on Amazon Germany

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The secret and unique tool you will find nowhere but here

The Space Ship pollen scraper got its name for the special design and will help you fly higher.

The "Space Ship" keef scraper

It serves as a perfect sized shape for making self-rolled filters.


You can use it as a very handy pollen scraper, instead of the conventional unstable mini-shovels.


Use the three holes to form a compact filter with thick paper, without any long pressing by yourself!


Fits perfetly in our Black Hole Grinder, so you can take it always with you.

You can use the Space Ship to create your own filters fast and easy. The easiest way to creating a handmade filter is to use a prepared filter tip from tobacco shop. What do you do if you don’t have these filter tips at home or you are not willing to spend money on just paper?

The unique Space Ship will help you create a good filter for smoking with any kind of paper. Also, beginners will be faster in finding and creating a filter! You could save Money by not buying the prepared filter tips from the tobacco shop anymore.

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